Treatment by our experts:
Let our experts take care of you!
Treatment times vary depending on hair length, thickness, texture and ability to stay in place, on average 1.5 to 2 hours. The cost is between 70$ and 115$ depending on the amount of time it takes to treat, this includes 2 free treatment follow-ups within 2 weeks of treatment and we check family members. See the MaJpoux warranty.

Verification or Follow-up treatment:
$ 20 to check a family of up to 4. If there is treatment done at MaJpoux, that amount is waved.

Head Checks for Schools/ Daycares/ Camps:

We offer the service of head checks for all kids and workers in schools, daycares and camps. We also educate the educators on head lice and how to spot them. Cost: 1$/ head check, minimum 50 heads. Please contact for more information.